Corporate Solutions: English Training for Businesses

Businesses in India have started facing a cut-throat competition on how one is able to present the product and service to its clients. This service is to help you achieve the desired result in the presentation to your clients. 

Your employees are working and every moment they spend at your office, work-site or client-site is very important. Therefore it is not good to ask them to go to class at different times. Our trainers will be available at your favourable location with all the tools required to teach. You should allocate us a time. A time when most of your employees can sit together to learn and observe the communication skills presented in terms of classroom lectures and group discussion and one-one speaking sessions or mock-drills

Our training procedure includes a lot of techniques what will enable one to participate in the activities and evolve into a better orator. 

By the end of the training your selected employees who took the training will be able to speak well, do the presentation, bargain, compare and contrast, express opinion and differences in opinion in a formal manner, learn etiquette, modulate their speech to the desired pattern, argue wherever necessary, write e-mails and pronounce words in english without much hassle. This practice will in turn be a feather in the cap for the employer. You can now sit-back and relax on how one of your executive communicates with your valuable client. Some of our clients have special requirements as to co-relate with the needs of the business communication, you can suggest the modules you want us to provide in the course package.

Be it a small, top or growing business, we offer a stipulated effective training to your employees at your convenient time at your practically favourable location

Our trainers are certified and experienced who have experience in handling adult-classes. The faulty members are committed and are with us for more than a couple of years training and teaching our candidates at the training centres we have and at our client venues. 

Our charges and fee are limited to what the demand of our client is! We don't have a fixed price. You can speak to our representatives and  decide on it.


About Casper Academy

Casper Academy has been a coaching centre for IELTSTOEFLGREPTEOETLife Skills - IELTSUKVI and Spoken EnglishHAADMOHDHASaudi PrometricOman PrometricQatar PrometricNCLEX-Rn, since 2001. At Casper Academy, we help candidates qualify all the International English and Nursing tests. Casper Academy is a registered member of ETS, IDP, British Council and Prometric society. Enquire about a Course at Casper Academy here.

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