Welcome to Casper Academy. Kindly read and understand the terms and conditions regarding your course package and course extension. You also sign the agreement at the time of enrolling in a course at Casper Academy and its branches. 
Time Flexibility: Candidates have the freedom to choose the time of the day for their classes. We work from 7:30am to 8:30pm on all weekdays, unless it is a public holiday. We also provide weekend classes on demand. There will be an additional charge for the service on weekends.
Leave Compensation: All courses and course-extension at Casper Academy is valid for a period of 30 days from the date of admission. If you want to go on leave for more than 3 continuous working days kindly send a mail to dir.casperacademy@gmail.com and get permitted at least 1 days before taking leave. Students not attending classes for 3 continuous days without prior information, won’t get any extra classes for free and their course will be canceled and no refund or compensation will be provided.
Refund / Name transfer / Cancellation: After 3 classes candidates are not allowed to cancel or take a refund for the course enrolled in. Any course canceled after attending 3 days will be considered as course completed and shall not be eligible for a compensation or refund. We have crash course for 5, 15, 20 days and 1 month. Packages for crash course are non-refundable. We have crash course for 5, 15, 20 days and 1 month. All courses have a validity period and candidates are expected to complete their courses within the validity period and no refund or compensation will be given after the validity period. 
Termination from the course: Any candidate appearing for Examination during the course term will be detained from the course and no refund or compensation will be given. Candidates should only take their exams at the end of the course period. Kindly extend your course as much as you can, until you get more than the required band score in the mock-test taken in classroom, prior to booking your exam date. Insufficient number of classes lead to poor performance in the real test. We don’t want candidates to repeat their exams. We only teach them once. Students who appear for exam or understood to have appeared for exam with or without the permission of their faculty members will not be allowed to attend classes for a period of 3 months from the date of examination. All course packages enrolled will become invalid on the day of the examination. No compensation or refund will be given.
Medical Conditions: Only students who have medical conditions or inability to attend classes due to pregnancy or severe physical injury / inability, will be allotted additional classes without any extra payment for the number of days they were absent at Casper Academy, only upon submission of medical certificate from a recognized hospital or medical practitioner.
Course Extension: However, candidates can extend their course for any number of days by paying additional course extension fee at any point of time before the completion of the course package taken. Candidates should re-enroll and pay the full fee amount to continue services, after the course period is complete and over.
Maximum validity: Each course offered at Casper Academy has its own validity period. Candidates are expected to attend classes on a regular basis to not to exceed the validity period. All coursed duration not utilized before the validity period will become void and no refund or compensation will be given.
Influence of Alcohol or Drug Abuse: During the course period or in the premises of Casper Academy, no one is allowed to enter with the influence of Alcohol or Drug. Severe actions will be taken against the intruder and will be handed over to the authorities.
Discipline: Candidates are requested to maintain a good rapport with fellow beings, classmates and teachers and office workers. We don't encourage abuse in any form. Address all members in the institute with their title / Mr / Miss / Mrs / Madam / Sir. Candidates are not allowed to call any of their faculty members or non-teaching staff members by their first name or surname. This practice is considered intolerable and the candidate will be detained from all courses enrolled without any prior notice and no compensation or refund will be allowed.
Loss of Valuables: The management or staff members will not be held responsible for loss of valuables in the premises. Candidates are requested not to bring valuables to the class.
Loss of Money: No compensation will be given to candidate for money transaction without receipt from the management. All candidates are requested to take a receipt for all payments done at Casper Academy.
Material Loss: Candidates should pay for all property and material damage caused to the institution. We request all candidates to go through this page on the website even before joining the training center. Therefore, no one can claim that they have not read these terms. All candidate enrolled in all courses are understood to have read and agreed to the all terms in this page.
Exam Registration: We, at Casper Academy, assist candidates in booking their exams, provided they pay the exam fee and fill the complete application form and submit a copy of the passport at least two to three weeks prior to the preferred date of examination. The availability of seats in the examination is at the description of the exam center. Candidates are also expected to pay a service charge for registering their exams. GST and Card payment charges also will be levied from the candidate.